Who To Contact


Mrs Gritt is our Absence Coordinator and should be the first point of contact if your child is going to be late or absent from DESC due to sickness or for any other reason.  Please report absence via the iSAMS Parent App as follows:  Select > Information tab > Scroll down to Useful Websites & Absence Reporting  > Select > Reporting My Child Absent tab.  Complete the details and submit the form.  If the absence is not sickness related, please email absence@descdubai.com before 8:00am confirming your child’s details and the reason for absence.  

Email:  absence@dessc.sch.ae


For invoice enquiries, please email Mrs Robinson accountant4@dessc.sch.ae or accountant7@dessc.sch.ae

For receipt enquiries, please email Mrs Salgado cashier@dessc.sch.ae


Mrs Hancock is our Bus Coordinator, who will assist with any issues relating to the College bus service. 

Email: descbuses@dessc.sch.ae

Communications & Marketing

Mrs Kane is our Communications & Marketing Manager and handles all matters relating to both the internal and external communications and marketing activities of the College. 

Email: communications@dessc.sch.ae

Duke of Edinburgh/House Events 

Mr Ford is the DofE and House Events Coordinator and will be able to assist you with any queries that you may have relating to the DofE Award.

Email:  doe@dessc.sch.ae

Extra Curricular Activities

Mrs Virmani is the ECA Coordinator and will be able to assist you with any queries that you may have about our lunchtime and after-school ECA provision.

Email: eca@dessc.sch.ae


Mrs Johnson is the College Examination Officer and is responsible for external examinations (GCSE, A level and BTEC), including certification.

Email:  exams@dessc.sch.ae  

Headteacher’s Personal Assistant

Mrs Skerritt is the Headteacher’s Personal Assistant.  Please use this email address for any other issues that are not covered in this section, including contacting the Headteacher. 

Email:  secondarypa@dessc.sch.ae  

Music & Instrumental Lessons

Mrs Gemlik is the Music and Instrumental Administrator and handles all queries regarding these lessons.

Email:  musicadmin@dessc.sch.ae  


We have three full-time nurses who are available during the College day and during extracurricular activities. They should be contacted to discuss any health concerns regarding your child.

Email:  descseniornurse@dessc.sch.ae 

Parents’ Evening Appointment Bookings

Mrs Vertigen oversees the Parents’ Evening Bookings.  If you experience any issues with logging in, please contact her on the email below.

Email: descsltsupport@dessc.sch.ae

Parent Portal

Mrs Booth will be able to assist you with any issues regarding the Parent Portal and Parent App.

Email:  descportal@dessc.sch.ae

Pastoral & Academic Support (Year 7 to Year 11)

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s well-being, please contact us via the House Parent Liaisons using the email address below for your child’s House and they will direct your enquiry to the appropriate place:

Melanie Doy – desertsupport@dessc.sch.ae 

Toni Kersley – earthsupport@dessc.sch.ae

Ayesha Virmani – skysupport@dessc.sch.ae

Julie Arnup – coastsupport@dessc.sch.ae

Pastoral & Academic Support (Sixth Form)

Mrs Dunne is our Sixth Form Administration Manager and is the first point of contact for parental enquiries about any aspect of the Sixth Form and is the liaison if you wish to contact any member of the Sixth Form Team.

Email:  sixthformsupport@dessc.sch.ae  

Parent/School Contract

Mr Kabalan, our Arabic secretary will be able to assist you with any queries regarding Parent/School Contracts.  His office is in reception.

Email: descarabicsec@dessc.sch.ae


Mrs Hubert is our Admissions Manager and is responsible for all matters in connection with student admissions.  

Email:  admissionsmanager@dessc.sch.ae

“Show My Homework”

Mrs Doy is the “Show My Homework” administrator and will be able to assist with any queries related to this initiative.

Email: smhw@dessc.sch.ae


Mrs Cable-Coates is the Trips Coordinator and the first point of contact for all queries relating to school trips including the Duke of Edinburgh trips.

Email:  tripscoordinator@dessc.sch.ae 

Trutex Uniform Suppliers

For any uniform related query, please contact our on-site shop directly on 052 516 1206.

Email:  desc.shop@aquariusllc.ae