External Summer Examinations (May/June 2018)

To view the Summer Examination Timetable, please click HERE.

Results Day

Cambridge Assessment exams (A level and IGCSE) 14 August from 9 am UAE (6 am UK)

A Level Thursday 16 August from 9 am UAE (6 am UK)

GCSE Thursday 23 August from 9 am UAE (6 am UK)

The Summer 2018 A Level/GCSE examination results will be published on Thursday 16 August for A Level subjects and Thursday 23 August for GCSE subjects. Students can view their results on Results Day via the Student Portal https://desc.students.isams.cloud. All students have been assigned personal logins to the Student Portal. Students experiencing difficulties accessing results should email portal@dessc.sch.ae. A member of staff will be checking the email regularly and will provide assistance with login issues.

Cambridge Assessment exam results will be available to view on the Cambridge Assessment website for both A level and IGCSE on 14 August from 9 am UAE (6 am UK). Students have been given their personalised login details. Results will be published on iSAMS on 16 August.

Student Portal login

Please click HERE for information on how to login in to the Student Portal.

Student Portal https://desc.students.isams.cloud

Problems with accessing the portal portal@dessc.sch.ae

Questions regarding results exams@descdubai.com

Enquiries About Results (EAR)

If you did not get the results you expected, the awarding bodies provide several options for review of marking and return of scripts.

  • To read the EAR General Procedures, please click HERE.
  • To read the EAR frequently asked questions, please click HERE.
  • To read the EAR Service Descriptions, please click HERE.
  • For Cambridge EAR, please click HERE.
  • For GCSE EAR, please click HERE
  • For A Level EAR, please click HERE
  • For dates and deadlines, please click HERE.
  • For on-line payment instructions, please click HERE.

Who to contact

The Examinations Office at DESC is responsible for all aspects of the examination process following the regulations and procedures set forth by the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) on behalf of the awarding bodies.  DESC is currently registered to conduct examinations through AQA, Edexcel and CIE.

If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Tricia Johnson, Examinations officer on exams@descdubai.com. For urgent issues during the summer examination series, please contact her on 050 282 2646.