“We value respect and resilience; we appreciate each other and can always see the positives”

We are based in:
Coast Block, which includes Modern Foreign Languages (Arabic A & B, French and Spanish)

Coast House Team

Head of House:
Ms. Lucy Ellis

Deputy Head of House:
Mr. Michael Bacon

Parent Liaison:
Mrs. Julie Arnup

Tutor Team:

Year 7:
Ms. Curnow (C7A)
Mrs. Hillier (C7F)

Year 8:
Mr. Lynch (C8E)
Ms. Almusa (C8J)
Ms. Leseur (C8K)

Year 9:
Ms. Iskra (C9D)
Mr. Bert (C9H)

Year 10:
Mr. Bradley (C10A)
Ms. Grigg (C10E)
Mr. Delattre (C10J)

Year 11:
Mr. Stockwell (C11D)
Mr. Redondo (C11G)

Year 12:
Mr. Pennington (C12C)
Ms. Punchard (C12E)
Mr Hobday (C12L)

Year 13:
Ms. Page (C13E)
Ms. Kennedy (C13F)

Associated Member of SLT:
Mr. Green, Assistant Headteacher


Fridge Sheets

Year 7 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 8 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 9 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 10 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 11 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 12 Coast Fridge Sheet
Year 13 Coast Fridge Sheet

Coast House Leadership Team


Ms. Ellis, Head of Coast House

Now in my fifth year at DESC, I am very excited to be leading the Coast House team for a second year and seeing the House move from strength to strength. 

My passion for teaching first began whilst working for an educational charity in Hong Kong, having just completed a BA in Geography at the University of Nottingham. My skills and interests then further developed whilst on the Teach First Graduate Programme in London and it was during this time that I also completed an MA in Leadership at the Institute of Education, London.  Together with previous leadership experiences, both at my earlier school and here at DESC, I am excited for the opportunity to further progress the House and ensure that all of our students are cared for and enthused by learning.

Upholding DESC’s values of respect, resilience and enjoyment, the Coast House team will seek to instil in our students not only a love of learning but an enthusiasm for all opportunities the College offers, both in and out of the classroom. Coast House students are well-rounded, positive young adults, who will turn problems into challenges and become motivated to find solutions by seeking opportunities for themselves.  Having recently undertaken action research into wellbeing in the classroom, being mindful is a trait I seek to further develop in every student, and is something I am eager to embed within our House system too. I look forward to working with you all (and I am of course keeping fingers and toes crossed for that House Cup next year too!)

Mr. Bacon, Deputy Head of Coast House

Working in the Coast Leadership Team at DESC is an exciting and wonderful privilege to have. As Deputy Head of House at Coast, I thoroughly enjoy the daily interaction with staff and students within our wonderful house, particularly during House events and competitions.

Outside of my House role you will find me teaching Business, Economics and BTEC Enterprise at DESC. I previously taught in an outstanding Teaching & Learning Academy in Northumberland, where I was involved in curriculum design and development of Enterprise within the school. Before this, I studied BA(Hons) International Business Management at Northumbria University. After working for three years in London and Newcastle as a Financial Consultant I decided to follow the family tradition and completed my PGCE Secondary Business Education from Sunderland University.

Having grown up in a small town in the beautiful countryside of Loch Lomond, I have thoroughly enjoyed the 3 years that I have spent in Dubai’s sunshine and cosmopolitan atmosphere with my beautiful young family. I look forward to working with all of you in Coast.


Mrs. Julie Arnup, Coast House Parent Liaison

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s welfare or well-being, please contact us via Mrs. Arnup using the email address below and she will direct your enquiry to the appropriate place.
Extension number: 293