Students can derive immense educational benefit by taking part in off-site school trips. Taking part in problem solving, decision-making and residential experiences both at home and abroad can enhance the development of personal and social skills. The knowledge and experience gained beyond the classroom can consolidate and extend the taught curriculum within it. Here at DESC we fully believe in trying to develop the whole person inside and outside of the classroom and taking part in school trips can be a useful way to help achieve this. The health and safety of our students on all trips is of paramount importance to us and this is always looked at carefully before any trip occurs.

A series of local (day and residential) and overseas (residential) trips are organised for all year groups. The location and dates of trips are looked at carefully and overseas trips are planned well in advance of their departure date. Examples of some of the residential trips we offer to KS3 students are: to Switzerland (Skiing Year 7 to Year 9), Spain (Year 8), France/Belgium (Battlefields World War 1 – Year 9), Umm Al Quwain (Team Building – Year 7 to Year 9). Examples of some of the residential trips for KS4 and KS5 students are: London – Performing Arts, USA/Thailand – World Scholars Cup, Cyprus, and Oman and Scotland for the International Award. These trips are in addition to all of the sports trips that are also organised for the different year groups. The exact list of trips varies each year based on new initiatives from staff, availability and popular requests.

To view this year’s Residential/Overseas Trips 2017-2018, please click HERE.

When students participate in a Residential/Overseas Trip, they must complete the following Medical/Dietary Form 4, please click HERE.


Performing Arts Trip to London

Trip To Spain

Battlefields Trip